We do carry out repair and maintenance services on playstations and computers.Below are some of the most frequent sought repairs/services and their approximate costs.The cost of any repair will varry depending of the actual fault and electronic.
Diagnosis cost is Ksh.2500 and free if accompanied by repair i.e we don't charge the diagnosis cost if we carry out the repair.
We are able to complete most repairs within 24hrs from the time your job has been booked.As well the time will also varry from one electonic to the next or the extent of damage


  1. We install PSP(PlayStation Portable) Games   @/from   Ksh.100
  2. We do PSP(PlayStation Portable) chipping   @/from   Ksh.500
  3. We do PSP (Playstation Portable) Analog button Replacement /repair   @/from   Ksh.1500
  4. We repair PSP(Playstation Portable) charging problems   @/from   Ksh.1800
  5. We do repair and replace broken PSP(PlayStation Portable) screen   @/from   Ksh.3500
  6. We do PSP (Playstation Portable) Motherboard Replacement   @/from   Ksh.4500


  1. We Install PS2(Playstation 2) usb Games   @/from   Ksh.100
  2. We repair/replace Playstation 2 { PS2 } power switch   @/from   Ksh.1000
  3. We do Lens repair for Playstation 2 { PS2 }   @/from   Ksh.1500
  4. We do Playstation 2 { PS2 } USB chipping   @/from   Ksh.2000
  5. We do replace Playstation 2 { PS2 } motherboard   @/from   Ksh.4500


  1. We repair Playstation 3 { PS3 } Gamepads e.g analog button replacement   @/from   Ksh.500
  2. We install Playstation 3 { PS3 } Games   @/from   Ksh.500
  3. We do Playstation 3 { PS3 } chipping , jailbreak   @/from   Ksh.1500
  4. We do lens Repairs and Replacement for Playstation 3 { PS3 }   @/from   Ksh.5300
  5. We repair Playstation 3 { PS3 } not powering on problems   @/from   Ksh.6500
  6. We repair Playstation 3 { PS3 } that is not failing to display on screen   @/from   Ksh.6500
  7. We do Motherboard repair for Playstation 3 { PS3 }   @/from   Ksh.7500


  1. We repair Playstation 4 {PS4} gamepads   @/from   Ksh.800
  2. We fix Playstation 4 {PS4} 4 software issues   @/from   Ksh.2500
  3. We fix PlayStation 4 {PS4} 4 overheating issues and general servicing   @/from   Ksh.2500
  4. We replace damaged Playstation 4 {PS4} HDMI port   @/from   Ksh.4500
  5. We fix PlayStation 4 {PS4} drive that is not reading disks/unrecognized disk   @/from   Ksh.4500
  6. We do PlayStation 4 {PS4} 1tb Hard drive memory upgrade/replacement   @/from   Ksh.4500
  7. We fix PlayStation 4 {PS4} that is not showing on screen/no display/no signal   @/from   Ksh.6500


  1. We do Ps5 analog repair   @/from   Ksh.500
  2. We do repair PS5 gamepad controller not powering on   @/from   Ksh.1200


  1. We do install XBOX 360 games   @/from   Ksh.500
  2. We do Xbox 360 Gamepad analog repair/replacement   @/from   Ksh.500
  3. We replace gamepad controller cable   @/from   Ksh.500
  4. We do fix Xbox360 Freezing   @/from   Ksh.1500
  5. We do  Xbox 360 Chipping   @/from   Ksh.3500
  6. We offer Xbox360 Lens repair   @/from   Ksh.4500
  7. We fix XBOX 360 Death ring   @/from   Ksh.6500


  1. We do repair Xbox one gamepad   @/from   Ksh.1000
  2. We do fix XBOX ONE software issues   @/from   Ksh.2500
  3. We replace damaged XBOX ONE HDMI port   @/from   Ksh.4500
  4. We do XBOX ONE 1tb Hard drive memory upgrade   @/from   Ksh.5500
  5. We repair XBOX ONE Drive not reading or making grinding sounds   @/from   Ksh.6500
  6. We do repair XBOX ONE not displaying   @/from   Ksh.6500


  1. We install laptop Games   @/from   Ksh.50
  2. We offer Ram upgrade 2Gb DDR3 for Laptop   @/from   Ksh.1000
  3. We fix / repair Laptop Speakers    @/from   Ksh.2000
  4. We do Laptop Hard-drive & Solid State SSD upgrade/replacement   @/from   Ksh.2950
  5. We do fix Laptop charging problems   @/from   Ksh.3000
  6. We do repair broken Laptop hinges   @/from   Ksh.3000
  7. We do laptop keyboard replacement   @/from   Ksh.3000
  8. We replace broken Laptop Screen with new   @/from   Ksh.7500


  1. We install Desktop Computer Games   @/from   Ksh.50
  2. We do Desktop cooler upgrade/replacement   @/from   Ksh.500
  3. We do graphics card repair ( AMD Radeon, RTX, GTX)   @/from   Ksh.5500
  4. We do graphics cards repair (GTX,RTX,AMD RADEON)   @/from   Ksh.5500
  5. We repair graphics card ( GTX, AMD Radeon, RTX)   @/from   Ksh.5500
  6. We repair graphics card (GTX, RTX, AMD Radeon)   @/from   Ksh.5500