About XGAMERtechnologies


is a Video-Games based business whose core objective is to bring to you our superior gaming/graphic solutions with utmost professionalism, quality, timeliness and integrity. We willingly pursue this goal by offering an extra ordinary shopping experience, swift delivery and 24/7 customer service support.

Sells computer, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 ,Xbox 360 and XBOX 1 games, graphic cards, gaming laptops, PlayStation , assemble gaming desktops ,console repairs and chipping...just to mention a few. With more than enough products than you may require and reward-winning scheme, we are dedicated to ensure that every experienced and non-experienced gamer feels that fantastic and unrivalled superior gaming experience that leave you wanting for more.

is where to be,if you are a GAMER!!!With XGAMERtechnologies you are assured of our unbiased and in-depth customer support and our sales team that will come right at your door just to leave you satisfied. Our team of service associates are available via phone, e-mail and social networks such as Facebook, twitter, whatsApp among others to help ensure your utmost satisfaction.


in totality is fully dedicated to make our quality products worth the price and affordable. For instance, all our games pass through our high-end well equipped lab for exhaustive testing before they are listed and released to our various outlets for sale. We are never left behind in terms of new developments in the technical gaming industry; we take it as our sole duty to bring to you what is new in the gaming industry and update you on the upcoming products.

Our Name

Founders selected eXtreme GAMER technologies as
the company name to signify the company's willingness and ability to provide exclusive, superior products and services to satiate the clients’ and even the hardcore gamers’ appetite.