Gaming & Rendering Computers

1.Refurbished Gaming Computers

These are branded computers {Dell,HP,Viglen,IBM} that have been used in Europe then sent to Africa.They provide more value for your money and suitable for cybers,less intense gaming eg for children when on holidays.Their catch:there is little upgrade you can do to them.

Simple Desktop Computers {cpu only}

Core 2 duo processor or Duo Core/dvdROM/ no accessories...

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Simplest Complete Gaming Desktop with 19inch TFT Screen

Complete Computer Core 2 duo processsor/ 2gb ram/ 160gb Harddisk/dvdROM/19 inches TFT Moni...

Members price :50 points + Ksh11850

COMPLETE COMPUTER with 1gb Nvidia geforce graphics/Core 2 duo processsor/ 4gb ram/ 500gb H...

Members price :50 points + Ksh20000
Lenovo M93p 6gb RAM 2GB Nvidia Graphics 3.2ghz Core i5 Refurbished Computer

3.2ghz Core i5 Processor,6GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia geforce gt 710 graphics ,500GB Hard drive,po...

Members price :50 points + Ksh26450
16gb RAM 4GB Nvidia Graphics 3.2ghz Core i5 Lenovo Refurbished Computer

16GB RAM, 4GB Nvidia geforce gt 730 graphics ,3.2ghz Core i5 Processor,500GB Hard drive,po...

Members price :50 points + Ksh39450

2. Brand New Branded Computers

These are sealed brand new computers made by companies like HP ,DELL etc.They come at pocket friendly prices compared to custom built computers for similar perforamance in office enviroment .

Brand new HP ProDesk 400 G4 PC 7gen core i7 3.4ghz mouse and keyboard DOS 1 Year Warranty

Designed to fit the modern work space now and in the future with a 27% smaller chassis tha...

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3. Brand New Custom Made Gaming Computers

These are computers we build from new parts to match the features you need.They provide you more control of the hardware you eventually own.
Their catch: high quality parts means you dig deeper into your pockets.
The samples below are randomly generated . You can build PC as per your requirements using this tool : XGAMERtechnologies Online Calculator And pay us a visit with your quote for assembly.Assembly takes an average of 30 minutes.

XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made Gaming Computer

7th Generation Intel Core i3 7100 upto 3.9GHz Processor / ASUS H110M-A M2 motherboard / 8G...

Members price :50 points + Ksh49000
FIFA 20 preloaded XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made Gaming Computer

9th Generation Intel Core i5 upto 3.90GHz Processor / ASUS B360 motherboard / 8GB DDR4 RAM...

Members price :50 points + Ksh107200
4ghz Hexa Core i5 16gb RAM 4gb Nvidia GTX 1050ti XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made Gaming Computer with 3 games free

4GB NVIDIA GTX 1050ti ASUS GDDR5 GAMING Graphics Card / Intel Hexa Core i5 8400 upto 4GHz...

Members price :50 points + Ksh116700
3.2ghz Core i7 Nvidia 4GB GTX Graphics 16gb RAM XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made Gaming Computer

Intel Core i7 8700 upto 4.6GHz 8th Generation Processor/ Asus B360 Motherboard / 16GB DDR4...

Members price :50 points + Ksh152600
32gb RAM 8_16core 3.8ghz AMD RYZEN 7 4gb Nvidia GTX Graphics SSD XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made Gaming Computer

AMD RYZEN 7 1700X 8Core_16Threads upto 3.8GHz Socket AM4 Processor / Cooler MasterAir MA41...

Members price :50 points + Ksh173750
Liquid cooled 32gb RAM upto 4.2ghz XGAMERtechnologies Custom Made High End Rendering & Gaming Computer

Intel Core i7 7700 upto 4.2GHz Processor/ ASUS b250 Motherboard / 16GB DDR4 Ram / Corsair ...

Members price :50 points + Ksh223950
Liquid cooled 64GB RAM 1tb Nvme SSD 4.9ghz core i9 XGAMERtechnologies CUSTOM MADE HIGH END RENDERING & GAMING COMPUTER

Intel Core i9 9900k upto 4.9GHz 9th Generation Processor under Corsair Hydro Series H100i ...

Members price :50 points + Ksh397550